Kat (wildvision) wrote in factionless,

Fic Recs?

Hi, guys! I've been really craving some good Divergent fic lately, but I'm having trouble finding the kind I want. I'm hoping that you guys can help me with that. =) I'm a big Four/Tris fan, so I want fic about them. But there are some specific things I'd really like to read.

My very favorite thing is fics that go AU during or after Insurgent. I really didn't like the whole 'outside world' turn the story took in the last book. So, I'd really love some fics that changed that, and made the world they were living in be real. I'd also like fics that are set in the faction world, but where the war doesn't happen. Just Tris and the guys living in Dauntless. And lastly, I'd like fics that go AU at the end of Allegiant, removing the major character death at the end of the book.

If someone could recommend some fics that fit any of these categories, I'd be super grateful. Thank you!
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